Note #15: "About cooking sausages: how to make sure that they do not burst during cooking?"

1. Sausages will taste better if they are not cooked, but steamed or lightly fried. 2. During cooking, the sausages will not break if they are put in cold salted water and heated only to a boil, but do not boil! 3. To prevent the sausages from bursting when cooking, you need to prick them with a fork before lowering them into boiling water. 4. So that the sausages do not burst, they can be heated for a couple. To do this, fill 1/2 of a high saucepan with water and, when the water boils, put the spoons crosswise on top of the pan, and hang the sausages on the threads so that the sausages do not touch the water. After 5 minutes, the sausages will be ready.