Note #56: "About minced meat for cutlets"

1. If you add bread made from second-grade flour to the minced meat, the taste of the minced meat will deteriorate compared to when bread made from high-grade or first-grade flour is added to it. 2. Meat for the preparation of chopped products (cutlets, dumplings) should be washed under a stream of cold water, then freed from films and large veins, cut into small pieces and pass twice through a meat grinder: the first time - directly the meat itself, and the second-the meat together with soaked white bread and other additives. 3. Water or milk added to the minced meat gives the finished products juiciness. To get delicious cutlets, the minced meat after passing through a meat grinder should be mixed, adding a little milk or water left over from soaking the bread into it. 4. If the finished minced meat (cutlet mass) if you need to add raw onions, then you can not pass the onion through a meat grinder, but grate it on a fine grater. 5. In general, meat cutlets will taste better if you put raw and lightly toasted onions mixed in them (both equally), and in addition, a little finely grated raw potatoes. 6. Cutlets are juicy if the meat contains fat, but if you use too fat meat, the cutlets during frying are greatly reduced in size and do not retain their shape well. To make meatballs from low-fat meat soft and juicy, you need to add a little butter or bacon passed through a meat grinder to the minced meat. Fry the cutlets in a well-heated frying pan.