Parotid abscess

- purulent inflammation with the formation of a limited focus of melting tissues of the maxillofacial region.

Абсцесс околочелюстной

Etiology of Parotid abscess

Mixed flora, mainly streptococci and staphylococci. The source of infection is pericoronary and pericoronary foci of inflammation and periodontal pockets.

PathogenesisParotid abscess

It is associated with the spread of infectious agents to adjacent soft tissues through the lymphatic and venous channels or by resorption of bone tissue.

SymptomsParotid abscess

Limited swelling and fluctuation under hyperemic and strained skin or mucous membrane. The severity of General phenomena (headache, chills, leukocytosis) is determined by the size and localization of the abscess. Subgingival abscesses can spontaneously open.

TreatmentParotid abscess

Abscesses of the tongue, pharyngeal space, maxillofacial groove and other localization are subject to autopsy. The abscess cavity is drained. Antibiotics are prescribed when the body temperature increases and intoxication occurs. 


ForecastParotid abscess


PreventionParotid abscess

Timely atraumatic endodontic treatment and elimination of periodontal pockets.