Pickle of sauerkraut

During fermentation, many useful substances pass from the leaves of white cabbage to the brine. For example, vitamin C in cabbage brine contains the same amount as in the sauerkraut itself. Moreover, you can not store sauerkraut separately from the brine, because then vitamin C in it dies. In other words: cabbage should be removed from the brine immediately before use! 
The fermentation of white cabbage is considered complete when the foam ceases to form on the surface, and the brine becomes transparent. Here it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the brine must necessarily cover the top layer of cabbage: if it is not enough, then it is necessary to increase the pressure. 

Cabbage brine is used not only in Russian folk medicine, but also in cooking. It is used to prepare excellent refreshing drinks, including the juice of rose hips or apples. In addition, mixed with cranberry juice, it is used to make savory salad dressings.