Pink Pepper (Brazilian)

Mature fruits of Brazilian pepper are small red berries, which after drying acquire a pinkish hue. In shape and sharp-sweet taste, they are similar to real pepper. In addition, they have a gentle, warm, slightly dry smell, with notes of resin, anise, ginger, menthol, citrus, raisins and juniper. Brazilian pink pepper is used in dried or pickled form. Dried berries are best stored whole (and not more than six months). Grind them immediately before use, preheating the peas in a dry pan, so that the flavor becomes even more refined and brighter. 

Brazilian pink pepper is the perfect spice for delicate, light dishes. They are seasoned with veal, meat of suckling pigs, white meat of chicken, duck, turkey, salmon fillets and other high-grade fish, fruit soups, desserts, ice cream, sorbet, cocktails, compotes, alcoholic beverages. In addition, it is suitable for salad sauces, marinades and pickles and is often used for decorative purposes (when serving various dishes). 

Brazilian pink pepper goes well with black, white and green peppers. Sometimes pink (red) pepper is called another spice obtained from the ripe fruits of black pepper.