Polish cuisine: a variety of soups

In addition to numerous and varied sweets and second courses, soups are very common in Polish cuisine.
So, what are they like? Here is a list of the most popular:

  • hladnik (hutnik) (has Lithuanian origin) soup cold yogurt and beetroot, dressed with boiled egg. It can also be prepared from berries, in particular raspberries, and then served as a dessert.
  • white borsch – white soup with marjoram, sometimes cream, often with sausage and boiled egg;
  • red borscht-a hot, refreshing beetroot soup, sometimes with boiled eggs, beans and dumplings, traditionally served at Christmas;
  • Zhurek-sour soup based on flour, dressed with potatoes or eggs, sometimes served in bread;
  • Krupnik-barley soup cooked with vegetables or smoked meat;
  • kapustnyak (kapusnyak) – sauerkraut soup, cooked with the addition of millet and smoked pork;
  • cucumber soup-a soup made of pickles and brine, cooked with the addition of various vegetables and seasoned at the end with egg yolks and lieson;
  • dill soup-cooked on the basis of meat broth, can be filled with potatoes, cream, boiled meat and egg yolks, but somehow the main ingredient in it is dill;
  • chicken broth with noodles-implies a spicy-spicy broth containing vegetables, chicken pieces and noodles;
  • flaki-spicy beef tripe soup;
  • mushroom soup-cooked from mushrooms, seasoned with parsley and fried onions.