Polish cuisine: appetizers and first courses

Many Polish dishes are similar to Russian and Ukrainian cuisine in terms of cooking technology and product set.

From appetizers and cold dishes in Poland, various salads of fresh, sauerkraut and salted vegetables, seasoned with mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt; meat, fish and poultry, which are served with vegetables on the side.

In addition to the above, the table is often served eggs, including mayonnaise, as well as a spicy snack of cottage cheese, where parsley, green onions, dill, ground black pepper and salt are added.

For Breakfast, poles prefer to drink kefir or yogurt. Moreover, boiled potatoes are often offered with yogurt .

For the first, as a rule, residents of Poland eat borscht, cabbage soup, pickle, beetroot, Solyanka or mashed potato soup. For borscht and cabbage soup, it is customary to serve hot boiled potatoes instead of bread.

Transparent broths in Polish homes are put on the table in cups. The broths are offered separately toast or pies.