Polished rice (white, translucent)

Polished rice grains have a smooth surface, they are translucent and white. 

Polished rice can be long-grained, medium-grained, or round-grained. 

In terms of vitamins and minerals, polished rice is inferior to brown (brown) or steamed rice. Dishes made from this type of rice have a great taste and a wonderful appearance (see also the article "rice"). As a rule, ground and polished rice is used as a side dish for second courses, for crumbly and thick milk porridges, as well as for making puddings. 

The cooking time for ground and polished rice ranges from 15 to 25 minutes (see also the article "ground rice (white)"). The most popular varieties of polished rice include " Classis "(Thai white long-grain rice) and" Classic-V " (Vietnamese white long-grain rice).