Regional cuisine in Germany: from curd cheese to pork legs, from lightly salted fat herring to flour-based Swabian dumplings

As you know, every country in the world has its own national cuisine. In Germany, each Federal state is famous for its unique dishes and delicacies. For example, the cuisine of Hesse is characterized by Apple wine, green sauce and cottage cheese made at home.

The cuisine of Bavaria is associated with dumplings, white sausage and pork knuckle in beer.

However, when you study the issue more closely, you realize that the regional cuisine of Germany is much more diverse than it can be estimated at first glance.

For example, in the regional cuisine of Baden-württemberg, along with cheese dumplings, you can find venison fillets with curry and cream or stuffed spinach leaves. And the rich fish cuisine of Hamburg is not limited to lightly salted fat herring. There are other dishes "with a request", such as, for example, fillet of diamond-shaped flounder with cream and Basil - a real local delicacy!