Roach roach roe:useful properties of roach roe

As you know, the belly of one female roach contains up to 33 thousand eggs. For a long time, hawk roe roach, otherwise called "tarama", was thrown out or sold to Turkey and Greece – where it was eaten mainly by the poor.

Roach roach roe:useful properties of roach roe

To date, some brands produce breakdown salted roach roe in cans. The shelf life of such caviar is no more than 6 months at a temperature of -8 to +20 degrees.

From the point of view of nutritional value, we can say that the caviar of the Caspian roach is superior to meat in terms of nutritional value. The epithelium and the connective part of the joints are enriched with fat. However, with the breakdown method of salting, the hawks are removed from the caviar.

The amount of protein in 100 g of salted roach roe ranges from 22-28 g, and fat in the range of 3-5 g.

Among cooks, roach roe, like other types of caviar of partial fish, is valued much less than salmon or sturgeon roe. Nevertheless, cooks often use it to make sandwiches in combination with white bread, butter, parsley and dill. There are also fans of serving it to the table with green onions, toast and omelet.