Semi-finished fish products

Fish in breadcrumbs

Depending on what dish you want to cook, the fish is rolled in breadcrumbs, that is, in flour, or, first rolled in flour, soaked in lieson, and then rolled in ground breadcrumbs.

Flour breading 

It is made from sifted wheat flour of the 1st grade. If the flour is mixed with salt, then pre-portioned pieces are not salted. The fish is rolled in breadcrumbs just before frying.

White breadcrumbs 

To get white breadcrumbs, grind the stale crumb of wheat bread without a crust.

Red breadcrumbs 

Red breadcrumbs are made from well-dried shredded wheat bread with a crust.

The liaison 

To make lieson, mix raw eggs with milk or water, then add salt to the mixture. For one egg, take 75-100 g of milk or 60 g of water and 2-4 g of salt.

Semi-finished products from fish for boiling, poaching and frying 

Fish semi-finished products are prepared, as a rule, for boiled, steamed and fried fish, for fries and grilled fish, for fish in dough and fried pike perch with green oil, and finally for cutlets and meatballs from the cutlet mass.