Spruce honey: properties of spruce honey

Spruce honey has a dark green or dark brown hue and a rich, resinous, spicy-tart taste, enriched with the smell of forest soil and spruce needles. From the point of view of sweetness, spruce honey does not contain very many sugars, moreover, there is a clearly distinguishable sourness in it.

Spruce honey slowly crystallizes and remains liquid for a long time. It belongs to rare varieties of honey, because it is very difficult to get: insects that parasitize on spruce, feed on the substance released by the phloem, and then secrete unprocessed sugar, which is subsequently collected by bees. Thus, spruce honey belongs to the types of honey collected from honeydew.

In folk medicine, spruce honey is used for many diseases, including diseases of the urinary system and diseases of the gallbladder.