Steamed fish

For the dish stewed fish use prepared whole sterlet, trout, mullet, stuffed whole pike perch (or simple pike perch), stuffed pike, links of sturgeon breeds and portions without skin and bones of almost all fish breeds, except bream, carp, carp, carp, roach and navaga.

For slicing portions, fish fillets are placed on the table with the inside side up and cut obliquely across the fibers.

Portions of sturgeon before propuskanii definitely scald.

For pripuskaniya pieces of fish put in a saucepan (down the skin or the side where the skin was) in a row, pour a small amount of water, fish broth (300 g of liquid per 1 kg of fish), add salt, a few tablespoons of dry white wine (optional), finely chopped mushrooms or mushroom broth, fresh parsley and celery root, and onions (40 g per 1 kg of fish). After that, the saucepan is tightly closed with a lid and the fish is allowed to boil very slowly (see the article "Time and methods of heat treatment of fish and crayfish").

By the way, you can also put the fish in a deep baking tray in the oven, but then the fish should be covered with oiled paper on top.