The pericoronitis

- inflammation of the gingival hood covering the erupted tooth.

Etiology: mixed oral microflora, trauma.

Pathogenesis . It develops as a complication in teething, mainly the wisdom tooth, and in its dystopia.


Symptoms: pain in the jaw and submandibular area; swallowing is painful, opening the mouth is difficult. The mucous membrane is hyperemic, edematous, and the body temperature rises to 37-38 ° C.

The course is prolonged, recurrent. It is complicated by osteomyelitis, retromolar abscesses, and phlegmon. The x-ray shows a partially erupted tooth, sometimes in an abnormal position.

Treatment.Excision of the hood of the mucous membrane; in case of relapses-tooth extraction.

Complications(abscess, phlegmon) require appropriate treatment. The disease can recur for a long time. Often, the cure occurs only after the tooth is removed.