The problem of involuntary urination in women: how to strengthen the pelvic muscles?

Many ladies are familiar with the problem of involuntary urination , and often they wonder: what can be done to prevent involuntary urination when sneezing, laughing or running? It turns out that sometimes simple exercises aimed at training and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles are effective.

How do I strengthen my pelvic muscles?

So, first we need to try to stop the flow of urine during normal urination. This procedure will give us the opportunity to feel exactly which muscles are involved to perform our command. The correct contraction of the above-mentioned muscles will be perceived by us as a compression and pulling of the lower part of the pelvis, that is, the vagina and anus, into the body. In parallel, the stomach, thighs and buttocks should not strain!

Now strain the pelvic floor muscles, count to five, and completely relax the muscles on the exhalation. Let's do this exercise 20 times in one approach. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times a day, so that in the end we get 60-100 compressions. After 8-12 weeks, we will evaluate the results of our training!

Note. If you want to increase the effect of gymnastics, stop using the Elevator and walk up and down the stairs as often as possible. It may seem a little heavy at first, but the muscles you need will train even faster and more naturally.