Those awful "nibbles"at the corners of your mouth. How to resist Angelito?

This odd name – angelic in medicine are normal zaedy.

Reasons for congestion

The causes of congestion, which first cause small cracks in the corners of the lips, and then-purulent crusts and deeper erosive ulcers, can be different. Most often it is avitaminosis and vitamin B2 deficiency, and snacks can also be symptoms of a fungal or streptococcal infection. In addition, Angola may indicate secondary syphilis. In any case, you need to treat the main disease, but everyone can help themselves at home.

How to deal with bugs?

1. Dip a cotton swab in warm olive or sea buckthorn oil and, after squeezing it out, apply it to the wound on the lip. Hold for 10-15 minutes. Beeswax and goose fat also have healing properties.

Причины заеда и лечение

2. It is highly effective for the treatment of zaedy is tea tree oil. In addition to the fact that it perfectly softens the crust, compresses with it heal wounds well.

3. Make lotions from a decoction of chamomile, sage or thyme. Perform the procedure 4-5 times during the day.

Причины заеда и лечение

4. if you have an aloe tree growing for at least 3 years, squeeze out the juice from 3-4 leaves of the plant, pre-cooled in the refrigerator. Apply a swab moistened with aloe juice to your lips, and the wounds will heal quickly.

5. Buy brewer's yeast or vitamin b complex from a pharmacy. Take Riboflavin for a month and be sure to include Borodino bread in your daily diet.

6. a Mixture of honey with fish oil, applied to snacks before bedtime, will also help to get rid of the disease faster.