What do apples taste like?

The taste of apples can be sweet, sweet and sour, sour, tart and bitter.

1. Sweet apples are often flavorful; they contain very little acid (up to 0.2%) and a lot of sugar (up to 20%).

2. sweet and sour apples contain 0.5% to 0.9% acid and 10% to 15% sugar. These apples also have a pronounced aroma.

3. Sour apples are considered slightly flavorful. And although the acid content in them is only 1-2%, and the amount of sugar sometimes reaches 10%, in General, they taste sour.

4. Tart and bitter apples almost do not emit a characteristic smell; they contain a lot of acid (up to 1.0)%, including tannic, and quite a lot of sugar (up to 18%).

Here I must say that it is often difficult to determine by taste how much acid or sugar a particular Apple contains. For example, low-acid apples (containing less than 10% sugar) may taste sweeter than those containing 20% sugar. This is due to the fact that sweet apples also contain a fairly large amount of acid. Conversely, apples that contain 1-1. 5% acid and a lot of sugar (up to 20%), sometimes seem less acidic than apples with the same acidity, but less sugar.