Which zodiac signs have a sense of humor: Aries, Taurus, Aquarius?

Everyone likes to laugh. But the concept of a sense of humor is different. What do representatives of different zodiac signs joke about?

Humor and the Aries zodiac sign

Aries will laugh at a rude joke, and they themselves can be its authors. They don't think about the subject for a joke for a long time - they say what comes to mind. They are able to laugh at themselves, but do not support this topic if you want to be friends with Aries.

Humor and the zodiac sign Taurus

House, career, relatives, wealth is not a theme for jokes in the address of the Bulls. It is difficult to get Taurus off balance, but it will not seem enough to those who have succeeded. Have a sense of humor Calf at all difficult, he's too Mature looking at the world.

Humor and the Gemini zodiac sign

Easy, communicative sign of the zodiac that knows how and loves to joke. This is a walking collection of anecdotes and funny stories, and even in adulthood, you can expect Twins to put a button on a chair. If your joke is unsuccessful, the representative of the Gemini sign will easily forget about it.

Humor and the zodiac sign Cancer

The most vulnerable and sensitive sign of the zodiac. Rude jokes with vulgar overtones are taboo in the presence of Crayfish. It is also dangerous to joke about parents, home, and children. Can find in a joke only to him the known subtext and for a long time to be closed, bearing a grudge.

Humor and the zodiac sign Leo

Leo likes to be the center of attention and is able to act out entire productions for the sake of wild laughter. For every situation, Leo has a funny story from his life ready. However, jokes should not call into question his authority.

Humor and the zodiac sign Virgo

You need to joke with Devami delicately. They may remember a joke from a year ago, take offense at it, and the rest will not be able to understand why the Virgo's mood has deteriorated. Devs have a touch of boredom, and they are an unfortunate subject for jokes.

Humor and the zodiac sign Libra

Libra has a sharp sense of justice, so you can't hurt someone's dignity in their presence. They like soft polite humor without vulgarity. Often they are not too confident, and jokes about them should be correct.

Humor and zodiac sign Scorpio

A connoisseur of black humor, and he jokes with such a face that you can not immediately understand whether he is serious or not. Creativity and wit make him the soul of the company, his special jokes are optimistic. But you should not laugh at him - a vindictive Scorpion can take revenge.

Humor and zodiac sign Sagittarius

Likes "bearded" jokes about mother-in-law and old comedies. He jokes sometimes clumsily, but does not take offense at the laughter in his address, perceiving them correctly. His joke may sound like a reproach, but he does not plan to offend anyone.

Humor and zodiac sign Capricorn

A serious sign. Jokes are sometimes too intellectual, and then "chews" its meaning to others. For all the creativity of Capricorns, his jokes smack of conservatism. He is a workaholic and careerist, so making fun of his achievements is taboo.

Humor and zodiac sign Aquarius

Natural wit and observation make Aquarius a skilled Mocker. He appreciates subtle humor, will laugh at a good joke, but also" bearded " joke politely smiles. Aquarius is smart, and therefore invulnerable, it is difficult to offend.

The humor and the zodiac sign Pisces

Vulnerable Fish with a fine mental organization like warm company and harmless jokes. They are distracted from everyday problems among friends. But if you make a joke about their relationships, loved ones, or themselves, it will serve as a reason for them to grow new complexes in themselves.