Why do you love yourself?

Interesting work, loyal friends, a stylish image and a busy life-all this is for someone who believes in their own strength, who is only determined to win and can safely say to himself:

"I love myself!»

The psychology of personality is such that we create our self-esteem based on an ideal. It consists of bad or good qualities, physical advantages, opinions of others, and, of course, stereotypes. And if you think that the desired ideal is far away, and others laugh at your shortcomings, self-esteem plummets. Low self-esteem does not look for objective reasons – often a smart and beautiful woman sincerely considers herself a stupid ugly. Thoughts are material, and now a pretty girl stops caring for herself, a successful guy agrees to a low-paid job, and an interesting man does not dare to ask a woman on a date. If you do not like to look in the mirror, think that you are unworthy of compliments and do not know how to accept them, if your future and present are colored with gray colors-it's time to take decisive steps!

Step 1. You are an individual! Feel free to love yourself.

You can only compare yourself with yesterday's self. Leave glossy pictures and fabulous success stories to the yellow press. As soon as you start being compared to a neighbor or colleague, turn off your hearing!

Верьте в свои возможности

Step 2. Believe in your capabilities

Every great thing started with the first step: Steve jobs built the first computer in the garage. You can do much more than you imagine, and remember: the one who starts a difficult task has a chance to complete it, and the one who has not even started it - he has none!

Step 3. Pay attention to your advantages

It is much harder to praise yourself than to scold. It's time to take an objective look at your positive qualities. If it is difficult to formulate them immediately, ask your friends and family for support and advice (only those who are really good to you). Remember the praise of teachers at school, leaders of clubs and sections (if any), and just random passers-by! Write down each word and make a list of advantages in the form of a poster that you will hang in a prominent place.

Step 4. Say goodbye to the spiteful critics

Take a closer look, is there an envious or secret enemy hidden in your environment? Perhaps he is the one who constantly flaunts your shortcomings in an effort to belittle you. If one of your "friends" is too critical, say goodbye to them without regret.

Любите себя и отдыхайте для себя

Step 5. Protect your internal space

You can not give others all of yourself - it is unacceptable to dissolve in anyone else, even in the closest people. You must have your own interests, Hobbies, and thoughts.

Step 6. It's time to pamper yourself

Have you long been used to the fact that buying a child jeans for 3000 rubles is great, but a t-shirt for 200 is expensive? Your interests must be protected in the same way as the interests of all other members of the household.

Любите себя и делайте себе праздник

Step 7. Holidays for a good person – your way to love yourself

Arrange small holidays: nice shopping, pleasant walks, gatherings with friends, trips to the theater, Museum or cinema.

любите себя

Step 8. Accept yourself completely

Learn to honestly assess your shortcomings and work with them: this will help you with meditation and regular self-control, which, of course, should be accompanied by small incentives.