Wishes are always fulfilled if you know how to make them

The psychology of "think rich" seems incomprehensible to you? A few effective tips will help you learn how to ask the Universe for help. She does not refuse anyone, you just need to reach out.

Dreams that come true

Психология "думай – богатей" кажется вам непостижимой? Несколько действенных советов помогут вам научиться просить помощи у Вселенной

It is only human nature to dream, and each of us dreams as long as we live. But you can wish for the fulfillment of thousands of wishes and not wait, or you can take matters into your own hands and guarantee to achieve the fulfillment of the most daring of them. Special psychological techniques have been tested for years – it's time to use them for you!

Make a wish correctly

– I will make a wish for 10 million: for an apartment, a car, a dacha. Oh, and I forgot about traveling. You need to make more millions.

Such desires do not come true, because in fact there is not one, but a dozen desires. The universe just doesn't know which one of them you need to help with. You need to think of one thing, and then everything will work out.

Психология "думай – богатей" кажется вам непостижимой? Несколько действенных советов помогут вам научиться просить помощи у Вселенной

It is important that the desire is adequate and in principle achievable. It is impossible to become Cleopatra or John F. Kennedy, these people already existed in reality. But as beautiful and majestic as the Egyptian Queen, and as charming as the American President – please.

The thought is material

Positivist psychology holds that the spirit and matter of the Universe are inseparable. Everything in the world is interconnected and it is our thinking that creates our future and our history. The power of our thinking is so great that it can change fate. It is necessary to passionately want a new car, and our subconscious begins to move in the right direction, choosing the most effective methods to achieve the goal. The focus shifts, and people who understand cars and offer lucrative jobs fall into it. What do we see? That the entire universe is mobilizing forces for the fulfillment of a dream.

Without fanaticism

When making a wish, you need to clearly imagine the smallest details of what you are making. Otherwise, if you wish to get red shoes, you can find them in a gift box from your aunt. But what a style! More colors, more life, more brightness of the image, and you have almost got it.

But you need to wait correctly. If you constantly think about the riddle and worry about it, the program of implementation can "burn out".

Keep a secret

To tell everyone you meet about your dream is to condemn it to failure. Envy, annoyance, and disbelief Rob desire of its strength.

The energy of the human thoughts makes a case brought to a halt, start UPS interspersed with downs. The opinions of other people can influence you, and this influence is not always positive. So you change your thought-out plan of action and refuse the offer you wanted to accept. Remember the popular wisdom: until the desire is fulfilled, you can not talk about it.

Confident of success

Your complete and unconditional belief that everything will come true is the main tool in achieving the goal. As soon as you start doubting, everything stops. If you wish to earn your first million by the age of 30, nothing can shake your confidence. The "think rich" approach is more appropriate than ever. Only positive thinking. Only steps forward. Only a deep belief in their abilities.

Learning to forget

Did you make a wish? Did you paint a picture? Passionately wanted to fulfill it and outlined ways to achieve the goal? It's time to forget about it! Paradoxical? Only at first glance.

As soon as the impulse of desire goes to the Universe, it will begin to implement the given program. Our subconscious mind will give us the most appropriate solution. But if you keep the thought in your head constantly, it will only remain there.

Because we live here and now, not waiting for a miracle. Fulfill your desires, enjoying every day!