Wobble: the use of a wobble

The roach is a subspecies of roach belonging to the carp family. The body of the roach is slightly flattened on the sides, and it is covered with small scales on top. The abdomen has a white-gold color, the back is gray, and the sides are silver.

Wobble: the use of a wobble

The roach can be Caspian, or sea, (before winter, it secretes slime that envelops its entire carcass and bears the name "slena", at this time the meat of the sea roach becomes quite fat) and "residential" (it is constantly found in the mouths of the Volga and never goes into the sea; outwardly, such fish is a cross between a real roach and river roach, its meat is very fat).

The history of targeted fishing for lures is only 130-150 years old. The fact is that previously, the roach as a commercial fish was not valued and was often thrown away. However, over time, small Industrialists realized that the migration of roach begins earlier than herring, which means that it makes sense to catch, process and sell it.

So, in the 19th century, the roach was mostly salted. And for fish with undeveloped eggs, the so-called podlecki used the method of "kopanki", and for fish with well-developed ROE - method "Karpovki". In both cases, the carcasses were salted entirely, without evisceration, but if the podledka did not require anything except salt, then the later roach (with developed caviar) needed special slits on the sides of the carcass for better salting. The prepared roach was impaled on special "mochala" - 6-8 pieces in a row, and then, sprinkled with salt, placed in special barrels or bins.

It also happened that the roach was salted in "brine" - the solution left after salting red fish. Interestingly, in this solution, the roach was put alive, obviously for better salting!

The ready-made salt roach was hung in the open air and dried, and then it was either delivered to the market or smoked. I must say that smoked roach has an excellent taste - that's why it is still very popular among beer lovers!

Today, in addition to drying, drying and Smoking, the roach is sometimes fried. In this form it is readily consumed in areas of the Volga region, that is, in places where it was caught.

As for other methods of cooking, it is worth noting that the roach is never cooked and is not allowed to cook.