Secrets of a good mood. Step three: from the harmony of the soul - to the beauty of the body in the doldrums

Nutrition for hair

It is no secret that the hair is permanently exposed to stress: during the winter they suffer from frost, in the summer-from dangerous ultraviolet light. If we don't wear a hat in minus 20C, they become brittle. And if we put them on, they also have a hard time (do not forget about static electricity!), which they report with their dull appearance, cut tips and abundant hair loss. So that the need to remove the headdress does not catch us by surprise, we will help your hair recover!

Шаг третий: от гармонии души – к красоте тела при хандре

Massage of the scalp stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the hair bulb. At home, it is carried out 2-3 times a week (before washing the head), "passing" fingers dipped in coffee grounds on the skin under the hair.

An effective glycerine mask will help make your hair more vibrant and shiny. It consists of 1 egg yolk, 1 ampoule of ascorbic acid, 10 drops of glycerol, 50 g of chamomile or oak bark. Apply the mask to the scalp, wrap it in a warm scarf and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash off with nettle infusion.

The composition of a vegetable hair mask includes 30 g of onion juice, juice from 2 garlic cloves, 15 g of honey, Apple cider vinegar, kefir and an infusion of oak bark (you can just warm water). Mix the ingredients, apply to the scalp, distribute over the entire length of the hair and put on a plastic cap. Insulate the head and keep the mask for 1 hour. Rinse with plenty of water and rinse with water mixed with a small amount of lemon juice.

Nutrition for skin

Skin is a reflection of our state of health. No telltale pimple on the cheek or forehead will appear for no reason. And once they have sprinkled the chin and nose – "see to the root", as taught by Kozma Prutkov, and treat the main disease.

Шаг третий: от гармонии души – к красоте тела при хандре

But the skin in the off-season requires special attention and care. Its pallor, dryness, thinness can be a consequence of vitamin deficiency and malnutrition. Frost or sun, hypothermia in the street and over-drying in the room – all these factors have a negative impact on the skin condition. Therefore, we will "feed" our defender.

You can create a hydrating mask for the skin. Use products available in any home: eggs, cottage cheese, olive oil, lemon, soft fruits, rice flour, honey. Combine them in different combinations and observe the reaction of the skin. Cosmetologists believe that everything you like should please your skin.

Dry skin requires active hydration, so do not forget to drink a lot of liquid during the day! And best of all-melt water. Juices, teas, compotes, jellies, herbal decoctions – this is great, but nothing can replace clean water for the body. Moisturizing masks can be prepared on the basis of milk, glycerine, mustard powder, sour cream, honey. Make it a rule to wash your face not with tap water, but with a decoction of herbs, such as Linden. And if you make frozen cubes of lime tea and wipe your face with lime ice, the effect will increase many times.

Nail masks – why not?

Brittle nails, stratified and lost their former healthy Shine – who does not know this? Frequent use of lacquers on an aggressive chemical basis, abuse of nail cosmetics (gel and acrylic nails), lack of calcium leads to the fact that our beauty and pride – nails – become crystal fragile. If the calcium deficit can be filled by daily "prescribing" cottage cheese, hard cheese, milk, dairy products, then the appearance of nails can be corrected... masks. Squeeze lemon juice on a piece of cotton wool and treat each nail in turn. After that, put your hands in a bath with salt water for 30 minutes, and then, after drying your fingers, apply and actively RUB olive oil into the cuticle. This procedure will strengthen the nail plate and "feed" it.