- inflammation of the red border, mucous membrane and skin of the lips. 

The etiology of cheilitis: strepto - and staphylococci, yeast fungus, long-term solar irradiation, dental materials, etc. 

Pathogenesis of cheilitis it is associated with vitamin B2 deficiency, hypersensitivity to medications. Endocrine disorders and violations of oral hygiene are important. 


Symptoms of cheilitis. The lip is swollen, hyperemic; on the red border, peeling, crusts, erosion, cracks; in the corners of the mouth, films and cracks. The excretory ducts of the mucous glands gape. 

Treatment of cheilitis. Vitamins B2, B5, And antihistamines. The current is often prolonged. 

Prevention of cheilitis: hygienic care of the oral cavity, timely sanitation, the use of photoprotective ointments.