Fracture of the tooth

- traumatic violation of the integrity of the crown or root of the tooth. There is a fracture (break) of enamel, dentin without exposing the pulp, with the exposure of the pulp and a fracture of the root of the tooth.

Symptoms: severe pain, the intensity of which increases when trying to open the mouth; may be combined with signs of damage to the dental bed. When the enamel is broken off, complaints of weakly expressed pain from touching. With a fracture within the dentin, the pain is stronger. When the pulp is exposed, spontaneous pain increases sharply when the mouth is opened.

Treatment.When the pulp is exposed and there are signs of inflammation, when it is not exposed, vital extirpation (conductor anesthesia) is performed. A fracture of the root of a tooth requires its removal. When the enamel and partially dentin break off, the crown is observed, and then cosmetic restoration of the crown is performed.

Forecast: when the crown is broken, the tooth can be saved.