Communication rules: collective zone and public zone

Collective (social) zone

The collective (social) zone does not involve touching, it covers a distance of 1.5 to 4 meters. It is in this area handle all non-personal cases, negotiations with business partners and skilled workers, and this service area covers the table, facing the head during his conversations with subordinates or colleagues.

The collective zone performs a protective function. Strangers can approach us at a specified distance – outside of it, we almost do not notice people. We already perceive people who are in the collective zone, but if we don't like them or don't want to contact them, we encourage them to leave our collective zone. Conversely, if everything is going well in a relationship, we give people access to a personal area.


Public area

The public area starts at a distance of 4 m. Here, any personal relationship ends, and the individual is treated as a private person who addresses the public. This is the distance maintained in the classroom by teachers, readers who speak in front of an audience, or movie actors whose games we watch on TV.