Health horoscope: Sagittarius

In symbolic submission to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are the thighs, pelvis, joints, legs, autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, liver and veins.

Health horoscope: diseases of Sagittarius

Typical diseases of Sagittarius are fullness, dermatosis, cholecystitis, hepatitis (and other liver ailments), vein dilation, thyroid diseases, head and throat diseases (usually up to 30 years), as well as nervous ailments (they worsen in the first 20 years of life, and then by 45 years). In addition, some Sagittarius women have pronounced sexual disorders associated with sexual hyperactivity.

At the table, Sagittarians love to eat and drink delicious food, and not necessarily alcoholic beverages, but also kvass, mors, delicious compote, expensive tea, milkshake or just coffee. They are willing to indulge themselves with sweet dishes, delicious cheeses and sauces.


Sagittarius: tips and recommendations

I must say that in General, by nature, Sagittarians have quite good health and mostly their diseases develop due to their restless nature. For example, they often work at night, which leads to the weakening of the nervous system. If we talk about the" unlucky star", then for Sagittarians, it lights up when it comes to injuries. And indeed, whether due to a restless nature, or because of adverse circumstances, but Sagittarians very much "like" to get various injuries, both at work, and on the street, and even at home.


With the onset of maturity, Sagittarians begin to literally feel their physical and mental vulnerability. Being already prone to panic, they fall into a real hypochondria.

Tip: to prevent this from happening, you need to adhere to a certain mode. In the life of Sagittarius, everything should be in moderation – and rest (you can not overdo it, because Sagittarius is prone to laziness), and work, and food (in order not to overload the liver, you should eat often and little by little).