Rating of products that provoke drowsiness and fatigue

According to the results of American scientific tests, research scientists have compiled a list of five products that cause us to feel tired and broken. These products include products that are most popular with supermarket customers.


So, the rating of products that provoke us to decline in strength and lethargy of spirit is headed by alcohol.

- Alcoholic beverages quickly cause drowsiness, which does not allow the body to completely relax, since "alcoholic" sleep does not restore the strength and abilities of the cerebral cortex, - say US scientists.


Bad news for sweet tooths and snacking lovers: chocolate bakers, cakes, roulettes, and even candy were in second place in the rating. All these sweets dramatically change the level of sugar in the blood and weigh down our nervous system, tiring the body by processing sugar into glucose. In addition, glucose enters the muscles and causes tension in them.


In third place was a dietary product-Turkey meat. It turned out that the proteins contained in the Turkey have a relaxing effect, which negatively affects performance. Therefore, it is recommended to eat Turkey in the evening.


This is followed by flour products, including white wheat flour pasta. Like sweets from the third point of the rating, macaroni provokes jumps in quickly digested glucose. At first, there is a sharp but short-term surge of energy throughout the body, and then fatigue comes just as quickly.

Fried food completes the top five. After all, it is known that it irritates the digestive tract and contributes to the body's obesity. In addition, the body needs a lot of time and energy to digest fat, so after a meal of fried cutlets with French fries, we immediately want to sleep!